Yo En El Cole

Yo En El Cole

Thursday, October 6, 2011



I love horror movies, going out, music ♫ ♪
being with my friends

I express myself with music easier ... You could say that is my language
The color gray is my delirium
Dancing is a way to forget problems

How to forget

How could I forget my first love, my true friends, those fights ending family very well.
these evaluations lost .. that first time so many things 
Now that I look hurts me to see things fall behind that I lost but just look what I have.
Sometimes it's hard to look back nostalgically that gives me remember those beautifulmoments that I can not revive.
I feel my life is good because it is seriously, one would be better with some people who stillrepresent something in me, for now I can only remember


To my friends for the support ... be with me in good times and even more when I'm wrong ... By Alegre Visa
To my family for education and never leave me alone
To my teachers for helping me and giving me their knowledge than
Thanks to those people that I have marked the life ... Because without them there would be what I am now


Thanks to many teachers because when I go astray I have indicated the right becausedespite the fact that I'm not the best person always trying to help me excel in my bad things and to overcome these stages of which I am proud to say
To those who were good to me too ... thank you I'm stronger
in one way or another contributed to that right now I'm better!


The only thing I can do is thank them for the company, for putting up, the great affectionthat I have taken and wish them the best of everything 


Although few of them because I am happy ahhhh estaoy always for you and are the only qI encourage when I'm wrong
Mayra Yepez, this fool is so memorable and in spite of the love fight
and really change the concept of friendship and my life


I thank my family because thanks to them I am who I am and I have dreams I want to be
Being in good times and lean on the bad
I love you